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Open research position at GES

¿Tienes intención de continuar tus estudios hasta el nivel de Doctorado en el extranjero? ¡Esta oportunidad es para ti! Título de la Posición: Investigador Junior, Área de Investigación GES Estudiante de Universidad Galileo Habilidad numérica y analítica Persona con capacidad de iniciativa, responsable, autodidacta e independiente Habilidades para la consecución de objetivos, plazos, compromisos Compromiso para el desarrollo profesional continuo … Read More

Logo Investigación GES

Licitación abierta para equipos Laboratorio ACAI-LA

International Workshop on Cloud Education Environments Guatemala, 15 & 16 / November 2012. This workshop will focus on the exchange of relevant trends and research results, as well as the presentation of practical experiences gained while developing and testing cloud education environments, both from a teaching and a learning perspective. Best papers will be selected for submission of an extended … Read More

Cloud Education Environment International Workshop

About Galileo University, Guatemala

Galileo University at Guatemala Galileo University is one of the top technological universities in the region with over than 180 academic programs, more than 50 distance learning centers, joint programs with government institutions and corporate organizations. Galileo University is currently part of Alfa III Project JELARE (Joint European-Latin American Universities Renewable Energies Project) leaded by Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. … Read More

Why working with institutions in Latin America?

Why working with institutions in Latin America? The opportunity to reach different type of population (major cities, countryside, small villages with low connectivity). A wider testbed for validation of global solutions. To enhance Europe’s excellence in ICT research and its role in driving progress and innovation worldwide. Today we face at all levels of life a connected world, where we need … Read More

Future Internet and Global Learning in the 21st century

One of our research topics is:  “The benefits of Internet of Services towards Global Learning in the 21st century”.    Some questions: How to take into consideration Developing Countries to shape Future Internet? How to bridge the gap between long-term research and large-scale experimentation, taking in consideration the digital divide in developing countries to generate worldwide solutions? What benefits will … Read More

Call for Papers ICBL Conference 2011

Call for Papers for the 4th International Conference on Interactive Computer Aided Blended Learning, the conference will take place in Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala 2-4 November 2011. This interdisciplinary conference aims to focus on the exchange of relevant trends and research results as well as the presentation of practical experiences gained while developing and testing elements of interactive computer aided blended … Read More