International Cooperation

GES Research and Development Department GES objectives:

… to be part of interconnected testbeds, acting as a gateway for hemisphere pilot demonstrations.

… to be part of a consortium that needs: Global competitive large-scale pilots and professional partner with research capabilities in pedagogical & technological extended learning environments that will allow the participation of a wider community.

Activities @ GES

  • Networking and dissemination activities
  • joint papers
  • Workshops
  • joint research
  • Visiting professor
  • active research collaboration
  • Exchange of PhD, post-Doc, reserachers, lecturers
  • complementary expertise

Why working with institutions in Latin America?

  • The opportunity to reach different type of population (major cities, countryside, small villages with low connectivity).
  • A wider testbed for validation of global solutions.
  • To enhance Europe’s excellence in ICT research and its role in driving progress and innovation worldwide

Joint projects programmes:

ALFA III, Programme with the objective to contribute to the development of Higher Education in LA as a means of stimulating a more balanced and equitable socio-economic development in the region.

Specific objectives:

  • To help improve the quality, relevance and accessibility of Higher Education in LA, particularly for the most vulnerable groups;
  • To contribute to strengthening the process of regional integration in the area of Higher Education in LA, fostering progress towards the creation of a Common Higher Education Area in the region and promoting its synergies with the EU system.

FP7 Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)

Our research objectives:

Call 10

  • 1.5 Connected and Social media
  • 5.3 ICT for smart and personalised inclusion
  • 10.3 International Partnership building and support to dialogues

Call 11

  • 8.2 Technology enhanced learning
  • ICT-2011.8.1 Technology-enhanced learning
  • ICT-2011.1.2 Cloud Computing, Internet of Services and Advanced Software Engineering
  • ICT-2011.1.3 Internet-connected Objects
  • ICT-2011.1.5 Networked Media and Search Systems
  • ICT-2011.1.6 Future Internet Research and Experimentation (FIRE)