Research Lines

Future Internet; The benefits of Internet of Services towards Global Learning in the 21st century.

GES main focus is on Technology-Enhanced Learning

  • Cloud Education Environments
  • Computer Supported Collaborative Learning
  • Internet of Services for Learning
  • MOOCs
  • Digital divide and learning
  • New Learning Environments
  • Web Accessibility and E-Learning
  • TEL in developing countries towards Information Society

Open Questions

How to rebuild current Virtual Learning Environments to be part of the new Pervasive Internet of Services (IoS) with openness, interoperability and security?

How to manage scalability and context-aware issues in self-regulated learning, “Snowflake effect for learning” (Duval, 2008) for users in different cultures?

How will we address scalability on more complex scenarios where new players come to stage?

How instructional design will be reframed in the Future Internet?